Dr. Arsalan Alizadeh Receives DSM Translational Award

Dr. Arsalan Alizadeh Receives DSM Translational Award

Diagnostic Services Manitoba is proud to announce that Dr. Arsalan Alizadeh was selected as the recipient of the DSM Translational Award at the College of Medicine Major Awards event that was held on June 7, 2017.

Dr. Alizadeh accepting the Translational Award from Alissa Leforte, DSM Director of Laboratory Services

Dr. Alizadeh’s research on spinal cord regeneration following injury is considered groundbreaking both locally and internationally. Recognizing the extent of Dr. Alizadeh’s contributions to research, he was further awarded the Drewry Award for Excellence of Research in the Health Sciences at the awards event in June. The Drewry Award is the highest possible recognition for a top ranking student.

“DSM is committed to supporting research that is relevant to the diagnostic services we provide and that can help to create better outcomes for patients,” said Jim Slater, CEO of DSM. “Innovation is driven by research and it can change what the future of medicine looks like, ultimately improving patient care and recovery and creating a more sustainable health system. We are pleased to recognize the caliber of Dr. Alizadeh’s research with this award.”

The College of Medicine Awards are presented annually to graduate students completing their doctoral degrees. The awards consist of eight possible categories. Each award is worth $1,000 to the student, as well as recognition in the College of Medicine. All of the award winners demonstrate exemplary research skills along with findings that will make a significant impact on medicine and health outcomes.

More information on the CSHRF and awards is available at: http://umanitoba.ca/outreach/conferences/research_days/index.html

Dr. Arsalan Alizadeh – Bio:

Dr. Arsalan Alizadeh is a PhD candidate in Dr. Soheila Karimi’s laboratory in the Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology and the Regenerative Medicine Program within the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba.  Arsalan also holds a Medical Degree from Iran.

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating condition that poses major socioeconomic burden to the patients’ families and Canadian health care system. Arsalan’s translational project has high implications for the treatment of SCI. The main challenge is that the tissue environment in the injured spinal cord is hostile for repair and regeneration due to severe inflammation and formation of scar tissue. Arsalan’s research has identified a molecule named Neuregulin-1, a growth factor produced by the cells in the normal spinal cord, as a therapy that can modulate inflammation and reduce scar formation in the injured spinal cord. Most importantly, this treatment strategy leads to improved functional recovery in preclinical models. His findings have recognized Neuregulin-1 as a viable therapeutic strategy for spinal cord repair and regeneration. Arsalan’s research has also garnered attention of the research community and selected as hot-topic in neurosciences by the Society for Neuroscience and earned many prestigious awards and scholarships. Arsalan’s future goal is to become a clinician scientist in the area of neurology. Receiving this award will help him to achieve his career goals.

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