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Careers in Diagnostic Services

Laboratory Careers

Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT)

Job Description
Performs analysis on tissue, blood and other body fluids to detect disease and monitor treatments; MLTs can work in a variety of disciplines including Clinical Biochemistry, Diagnostic Cytology, Clinical Genetics, Hematopathology, Immunology Microbiology, Pathology and Transfusion Medicine; Responsibilities can include sample collection (phlebotomy), reagent preparation, preparing samples for analysis, performing sample analysis, assessing results for accuracy and performing quality control checks, calibrating and maintaining equipment and communicating urgent results

Educational Requirements
24 credits of post secondary sciences and completion of an accredited Medical Laboratory Sciences (Technology) program

Education Institutions
Red River College Medical Laboratory Sciences Program RRC Program Catalogue

Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)

Job Description
Performs support functions to assist Medical Laboratory Technologists in their daily procedures; Duties include preparing and dispensing media and solutions used in departments, accessioning, receiving, processing of specimens received in the laboratory and phlebotomy (blood collection)

Educational Requirements
Completion of a Medical Laboratory Assistant training program

Education Institutions
Herzing College
Neeginan Institute of Applied Technology
Robertson College - Winnipeg Campus
Robertson College - Brandon Campus

Cytogenetic/Molecular Genetic Technologist

Job Description
Conducts tests on chromosomes, DNA and RNA from cells of body fluids and tissues to diagnostic genetic diseases

Educational Requirements
Two or more university-level genetics courses (either in Human Genetics or Molecular Genetics); OR a Bachelor of Science degree with two or more university-level genetics courses (either in Human Genetics or Molecular Genetics) and successful completion of an accredited Genetics Technology training program

Educational Institutions
The Michener Institute
British Columbia Institute of Technology


Job Description
Using a microscope, performs morphologic and biochemical analysis on cells taken from the body, for the purpose of interpreting their features and detecting cancer and other diseases at a cellular level; Cytotechnologists are the first point of detection of cell defects

Educational Requirements
24 credits of post-secondary science and completion of an accredited Diagnostic Cytology training program

Education Institutions
DSM School of Diagnostic Cytology Diploma Program

Pathologist Assistant (PA)

Job Description
Dissects surgical specimens, prepares them for testing and provides detailed descriptions for Pathologists’ reports

Educational Requirements
Bachelor of Science degree and completion of Pathology Assistant Program or completion of a recognized Medical Laboratory Sciences program and specialized on-the-job training

Education Institutions
University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine PA Program

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